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Our mission is to promote a healthy and just society.

About AAG

Good Health gives you the courage and energy to tackle any problem, Education gives you the tools to improve the quality of life of oneself, the family and if you are energetic and motivated enough the community yours and that of the world at large. Motivation and Humanity, together with health and education gives you the sustained power to continue working for the people, no matter what the difficulties, seeking options to bring about change for the better for those suffering from deprivation, neglect and extreme poverty.    

AAG was formed initially to improve the health of people. We saw that for good health one needed money for nutritious food and medicines. To get the money one needed education and vocational training for the marginalised communities. We saw that Money for unexpected emergencies could also be generated through micro savings and micro credit.  Thus we developed our concept of starting “Integrated Health, Education and Development Projects” so as to help the community solve its problems by itself, holistically.  This is the cycle through which AAG went till it evolved into what it is today.   This is a replicable model which we plan to put in place in other States.

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