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Our mission is to promote a healthy and just society.

Founder Director

Elizabeth (Late Founder Director AAG)
Born 1936 Died 2010

Elizabeth started her career as a teacher in 1956 at Cathedral and John Conan School at Mumbai as a KG Junior classes teacher.

She married in 1963. She had t give up her teaching career with the transfer of her husband in 1969. She Stayed at home and looked after her 3 years old son

Elizabeth was a very caring person. She loved animals and could not bear to see any animal in distress. She just had to pick up the animal and get it treated and often adopted them or took them to NGOs who gave them to animal lovers.

In 1983 when the family had moved to Delhi, she was introduced to Transactional Analysis Society of India (TASI) by a friend who invited her to attend a free session on a Friday. Both she and her husband liked the session very much and become members of the society and attended every session and workshop they could afford till about June 1986.

Three days after the anti Sikh riots in 1984 following the assassination of Indira Gandhi she started work on Riot relief victims in North East Delhi. Her husband joined her on weekends and holidays. The two had no funds so they went around to the neighbors and collected some funds. She met some old friends at the EKTA Manch (A conglomeration of NGOs and Philanthropists) formed for riot relief. These friends were working in an NGO called “Saheli Women’s Resource Centre.”

The Riot relief work, Gender issues, violence against women and Dowry deaths work on these appealed to her very much and she joined “Saheli Women’s Resource Center” full time. She counseled over two thousand women between 1984 and 2001. She helped rescue women and children; she facilitated several cases of Dowry retrieval by the aggrieved women with Police escort.

In 1991 she was invited to be a volunteer counselor in the Crime against Women cell once a week. She went there till 1997.

In 1991 she formed and informal Society with seven friends. The society namely, AIDS Awareness Group, was registered in 1994 under Registration of Society Act. She was the founder Director of this NGO and remained so till her demise in 2010.

Between 1994 and 1997 Elizabeth was requested to become the Programme Manager of a project founded by Ford Foundation with “Shakti Shalini” – another NGO. This she did along with all other activities-in jail. Model Counseling Centre, Crimes against Women cell and Saheli Women’s Resource Centre.

In 1995 she was made a “Non Official Visitor” to jails in Delhi- through a notification in the Gazette of Govt. of Delhi & NCT.

In 1997, with the help of UNAIDS NACO and Medical Superintendent Safdarjung Hospital a Model Counseling Centre, managed entirely by six NGOs (one per weekday) was inaugurated. She was one of the Master Trainers cum Counsellor at this Centre from 1997 may till October 2002.

From 1995-2009 Elizabeth also worked in Jails-on enhancing AIDS Awareness, Counseling and care of PLHIVs, Legal Literacy and Legal Aid in two Jails. Her last visit to the jail was on 7th Dec 2009. On 12th she was diagnosed as an advanced case of Lung Cancer. On January 26, 2010 she died.

Throughout her life she was devoted to ethical and honest work, she was meticulous in whatever she did and was both and example and a source of inspiration and guide to others. She was an excellent teacher and Counsellor-honoured and admired by all who came in contact with her. The most important quality about her was that whoever came in contact with her admired and loved her and treated her as a mother figure. We miss her very much.



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