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Our mission is to promote a healthy and just society.

Programme on HIV / AIDS

AAG is working in the following Areas: -

  1. The Jails at Tihar,
  2. The red light area on GB Road,
  3. In the Resettlement (JJ) Colony at Madan Pur Khader for ex slum dwellers.

Our Programmes

  • Enhancing AIDS Awareness through conducting Sessions, Street Corner Meetings, Street Plays and Magic Shows on HIV /AIDS, and lastly through one to one sessions.

Depending on the area we adopt one or more of the following methods:

  1. Participatory Group Sessions with a large number of assembled persons like the jails using Flip Charts and having question and answer sessions during and after the session. These include discussions on Attitudes, Stigma and Discrimination, and where necessary on HIV / AIDS Home Care, diet for positive people and referrals for testing and treatment and allied topics. This is veryeffective in Jails, schools and colleges and with Corporate Houses on invitation.
  2. For Mass awareness programmes, Street Plays and/or Magic Shows on HIV / AIDS are used. These are conducted by professional groups trained and briefed by AAG. These are used in Tihar Jails, in the parks at Madan Pur Khader, for Nepali Migrants and others in Central Delhi, and on some Sundays on GB Road near the brothels when there is almost no traffic. Except for Tihar Jail where we can only distribute IEC material (Condoms can not be given), elsewhere in all other areas we distribute condoms also after giving Condom demonstrations on the right way of using them. We distribute IEC material and provide referrals if some people from the audience want
  3. For Smaller Groups (10 to 50) on the roads we use Street Corner Meetings using Flip Charts. We have teams of two with a complete package of Flip Charts, IEC material, and a supply of Condoms both for demonstration and distribution. At the end of the session lasting about 15 to 20 minutes, if someone wants to see a doctor for their personal medical problem/s, we refer them to one of our three clinics located at Minto Road; GB Road and at Madan Pur Khader as relevant. Otherwise we refer them to the nearest Government hospitals. We have found that this method for enhancing HIV / AIDS awareness is very effective and we use it on GB Road near the brothels, on the roads in Central Delhi (Connaught Place, Gole Market, near Shivaji Stadium, on Bara Khamba Road, Jhandelwalan Road, Karol Bagh etc.) and outside Dhabas (Small wayside eating places, where usually Nepalis work) in Central Delhi and on the streets at Madan Pur Khader.
  4. Inside Brothels we hold one to one or one to five or six mini sessions (5-6 minutes) with the sex workers. They usually have no time available for longer sessions. We provide information on how one can get infected, how one does not get infected, and the precautions available to us. We distribute condoms at the end of each session.
  5. At our Drop-in-Centres / Clinics in the three places mentioned above, we provide information to small groups and even hold one to one discussions. We provide pre- test counselling for STIs / HIV / AIDS and testing for HIV at our drop-in-centres located on Minto Road and at GB Road. In the cases of STIs we provide Syndromic (Symptomatic) treatment and also refer them to Government Hospitals. For people testing positive with our Kit, we refer the clients to the nearest Government Hospital for ELISA tests and CD 4 count. The Drop-in-Centre at Minto Road was opened in Aug. 2006

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