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Our mission is to promote a healthy and just society.

Free Legal AID and Legal Literacy in Jails

When we started work in the jails we started with the objective of enhancing HIV / AIDS awareness. We found that there was a great expressed need for Legal information, counselling and free legal representation in courts than information on HIV. So we got hold of some very dedicated lawyers and started free legal aid in two jails (CJ III and CJ IV. AAG’s lawyer visits each jail twice a month, to meet his clients and take up new cases. We are providing this service in jails for nearly 12 years.

We started legal literacy sessions in all the jails at Tihar from the year 2003. The prisoners wanted IEC material. We conducted a needs assessment on the type of information required by the prisoners. We gradually prepared various booklets covering the most frequently asked questions and then distributed a large number of copies of these booklets in the jails and their libraries. A list of our IEC material is given at the end of this report. The jail authorities liked the booklets so much that they took copies of these booklets from us and distributed them in all the Central Jails all over India.

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