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Our mission is to promote a healthy and just society.

Publication - Legal Aid

These booklets are from a series on legal information for under-trial and convicted prisioners. Since the vast majority of the prisoners (more than 80%) in the jails at Tihar are very poor, illiterate of barely literate, an attempt has been made to make the booklets as simple and easy to understand as possible. For the educated and well to do there are any number of books available in the market and even in the jail libraries.
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We gratefully acknowlege the following for the support and help in the production of these booklets:

The British High Commission for their support.
The Director General (Prisons), and the staff of Tihar Prision Headquarters.
The Superintendents, officers and staff of Central Jails III and IV.
The under trial prisoners, the convicts and the foreign prisoners for technical inputs and the very active support given in framing the Questionnaires and expressing the information needs of the convicted and under-trial prisoners.


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