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Our mission is to promote a healthy and just society.


  Siddhartha Vatsyayan - Director
is one of the Founder Members of AAG. He was earlier the Programme Manager.He helped Elizabeth with the procedures for getting registered as a Society and framing the MOA and the Rules and Regulation of the society. He was elected as Director by the Board after the demise of Elizabeth the Founding Director.
  Deepak Chand Sharma - Project Coordinator
When I joined AAG that time I had was some knowledge of social field. I am thankful to AAG for teaching me how to deal with People, learning by doing and working etc.
  Rajesh Choudhary - Sr. Project Officer
Being a Social Worker, I am very grateful to AAG, who gave me an opportunity to work with the marginalised community in Madan Pur Khader and the Jail. I am enjoying my work very much.
  Samuel - Project Officer
After passing 12th I was searching an organization wherein to improve my skills and ability. These would be very useful to progress in my life.  Finally after 2 years hard work, I came across AIDS Awareness Group (a Society). In AAG-GRC I learnt many new things and ways to do official work correctly. 
  Ujjwal Kumar - Accounts Officer
Being an Accountant, I now understand the differences between social and commercial sector in India. I am very happy to add some values to people and substract some bad manners in my life.   
  Janki Chilwal - Help Desk Counsellor
Information is a very important tool for everyone.  I learnt so many tips in AAG on how to deal with people and to help people with the information and knowledge, I had acquired.  
  Sulekha - Tailoring Instructor
I believe in the saying, “God helps those who help themselves”. So I am thankful to AAG who enhances my awareness and knowledge. I can share this with others.    
  Arti Singh Chauhan - Computer Instructor
As a Computer Teacher I am very happy to learn about social issues through AAG.
  Sonika Dogra - NFE Instructor
When I joined AAG GRC, I was very nervous with children, but I am proud to say that I am now confidently working with the children from the vulnerable groups. I am glad to say that I have been very successful and I get along well with them. 
  Usha Singh - Community Mobiliser
I was very timid and afraid of moving about in the community when I joined AAG as a part-time community worker. After many training sessions & exposures on a variety of topics on health, hygiene, conducting Street Corner Meetings, Prevention of STIs/ HIV/AIDS and forming SHG groups, I am now capable of working independently as a Community Mobiliser at Jaitpur and am able to go anywhere alone.
  Sunita Mondal - Community Mobiliser
I joined AAG in July 2006 and straight away was given one- week intensive training on HIV/AIDS, Street Corner Meetings and community mobilisation. After that I have become a trained Community Mobiliser on health & other topics. I am very grateful to AAG for having taught me so much.
  Munni Sharma - Community Mobiliser
I have been working in AAG for the last two and half years.  I have learnt how to form and manage SHG groups including their accounts and I have also learnt about prevention of STIs /HIV/AIDS. I am very happy to be in AAG.
  Gaurav Pratap Singh - Community Mobiliser
I am very happy to join AAG Organisation. I feel that it is the right way to deal with social issues through discussions with people in the community.
  Ramu Pokhreal - Office Assistant
I am working in AAG for the last 12 years as an Office Assistant.  I am employed by AAG as a general handy-man and a trouble shooter. 
  Jibachch Sahu - Office Assistant
I joined AAG in July 2006 as an Office Assistant. I liked the atmosphere in AAG. It is very friendly.
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